Dualtron EAGLE (60V, 18Ah)

Dualtron EAGLE (60V, 18Ah)

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Electric scooter Dualtron EAGLE from Minimotors
Minimotors has built a more economical version of the best selling Dualtron EAGLE Pro. It has all the great features of an Eagle Pro with a smaller battery.
Autonomy up to 60km.
Battery 60V-18.2Ah, 1090Wh
It is the most powerful and capable eScooter in the class.

With twin front and rear very powerful motors it offers great acceleration and in combination with the powerful double disc brakes it offers confidence and self-confidence to its rider.
The standard ABS simply seals the ultimate sense of security provided by the Dualtron Eagle.
The EAGLE battery allows the Scooter to have a range of up to 60 km, and a speed of up to 65 Km / h.
It is a scooter designed to meet the expectations of customers.

The Dualtron EAGLE comes with two 1800W motors and a maximum power of up to 3,300W.
Combined with a 60V 18.2Ah battery, we have a very powerful Scooter that can climb most hills and slopes with ease, up to 45% inclination.
This is the kind of incline you would expect from an off-road scooter.
The EAGLE has large 10 × 2.5 inch tires with a tube, offering extra comfort to the rider.
Air tires are softer and offer more room for adjustment – you can adjust the smoothness and stability of the suspension by changing the tire pressure – less pressure means better absorption and more traction, while higher pressure may be the best choice when driving with high speed.
In addition, the Eagle has front and rear suspension. With the back being adjustable with 5 levels.
It takes up to 9 hours with a 2A charger and up to 2.6+ hours with an optional 6.5A charger
Smart EyE control

In addition to displaying basic information (such as battery life and speed), EyE also lets you easily set the following:

Slow start – having the opportunity to start with the throttle open from the beginning without worrying about a possible jolt of the Scooter – that is, you do not need to manually adjust the speed with your throttle.
Great feature especially for beginners.
The power of electric brakes
Automatic shutdown – anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes
Start method – choose between throttle or kick start
Speed ​​setting – Scooter has three speeds
All the other settings you know, such as cruise mode, change of speed unit (KM / h <> Mph), power limit and LCD brightness.

Motor: 3300W MAX BLDC Dual HUB motor
Battery: 60V-18.2Ah / 1090Wh
Weight: ≈28 kg
Charging Time: 9 ~ 10hr / Standard 2A charger (Depending on the battery condition)
Autonomy: 60km
Maximum Speed: 65km / h
Gradeability: Approx. 37%
Maximum Load: 120kg

Product characteristics
Motor Max 3,300W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery Type 18.2Ah -1090Wh
Voltage 60V
Autonomy (km) 60 (max 75kg / 25km / h)
Maximum Speed ​​(km / h) 65
Maximum Load (kg) 120
Climbing ≈ 37%
Folding Steering Wheel Features
Suspension Double elastic suspension (Front & Rear)
Tires 10”x2.5 With Sambrela
Construction Material Frame and handle: Aluminum alloy for aircraft (6082-T6)
Front / Rear Disc Brakes + electric ABS
Charging Time (1.7A-2A) 9hr + (standard charger)
Product Weight (kg) 28
Normal size (mm) MxWxW 1200 x 600 x 1185
Folding size (mm) LxWxH 1185 x 600 x 505
Dashboard Smart EyE Throttle
Dual LED lights Headlights / brake lights / Headlights / LED Pillar