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Dualtron ULTRA II (72V, 35Ah)

Dualtron ULTRA II (72V, 35Ah)


In stock

In stock


Introducing the renewed and more powerful than ever Dualtron ULTRA II

With even greater power thanks to the two motors 6640W in total has the ability to move at 100+ km / h (limited to 25km / h)
120-140 km range thanks to the new 72V 35Ah battery from LG.
Safe braking with ABS function and front and rear disc brakes.
New innovation from Minimotors makes the brain of the new ULTRA II waterproof.
Dualtron ULTRA II: Design

Minimotors designed the electric scooter Dualtron ULTRA II, with the possibility of use for off-road operation
High quality design, as its frame is made of powerful alloy 6063 / T6 aluminum and steel.
Dualtron ULTRA II: Main features

Folding system: The Dualtron ULTRA II is a folding electric scooter.
Battery: with the electric scooter Dualtron ULTRA II you will travel long distances (with ecological consciousness), as it offers up to 140 km of autonomy, thanks to the LG battery with a capacity of 72V, 35Ah.
LED: Even at night you are not in danger as the ULTRA II has front and rear and the newly designed LED lights on the steering column where they ensure your safety when driving in low light places.
Engine: Excellent power thanks to the two motors 6640W in total, has the ability to move at 100+ km / h.
Comfort: Thanks to the elastic suspension, it guarantees balance and comfort when driving even on uneven ground.
Slope: Can it climb hills with a slope of up to 70%?
Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with ABS

Product characteristics
Motor Max 6,640W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
35Ah LG Battery Type
Voltage 72V
Autonomy (km) 120-140 max (75kg / 25km / h)
Maximum Speed ​​(km / h) Limited to 25km / h (100km / h on private road)
Maximum Load (kg) 120-150
Climbing ≈ 70% (31 °)
ABS NAI brakes
Folding Steering Wheel YES
Suspension Front elastic suspension / Rear Adjustable 5-level suspension
Tires 11 ” Extremely Wide Off Road Tire (50psi)
Construction Material Frame and handle: Aluminum alloy for aircraft (6082-T6)
Brakes Hydraulic double disc brake 160mm discs + electric ABS
Charging Time (1.7A-2A) 23hr + (standard charger)
Charging Time (3.4A) 11hr + (2 x Standard charger)
Product Weight (kg) 40
Normal size (mm) MxΠxΥ 1210 x 600 x1219
Folding size (mm) LxWxH 1210 x 318 x525
Dashboard Multi-functional Smart Display LCD EY3
Dual LED Headlights / Rear / Brake Light / Pillar LED

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