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Dualtron ULTRA II Upgrade (72v 32Ah)

Dualtron ULTRA II Upgrade (72v 32Ah)


Available on back-order

Available on back-order


*Pre order payment: 50%-100%

Dualtron Ultra II Upgrade The Minimotors Off-Road Beast

The off-road beast is back with major upgrades


  • New EY4 color LCD display
  • Complete Lighting system with headlight and turn signals
  • New multi-switch, to function  the lights and the horn
  • Wider handlebar for more safety (685mm)
  • Higher folding clamper

New EY4 color LCD display

Minimotors fourth-generation widescreen display, with a separate screen and accelerator design. With the wide display, all scooter information is easier to read than ever.  Speed, range, Battery value, controller temperature, Bluetooth, and other functions status can be seen on the main interface.

Complete Lighting system with headlight and turn signals

The upgraded Dualtron ULTRA II comes with a 30W headlight, turn signals, and a horn. All of them functioned from the new multi-switch.

Wider handlebar

The handlebar of the Dualtron ULTRA II Upgrade has been widened from 600mm to 685mm. This feature reduces the burden of the arms and makes your ride safer.

Higher folding clamper

Higher folding clamper and larger range for the upper and lower hinges greatly improve riding stability and solve the problem of steering movement.


Main features 


  • Dual motor capable of producing up to 6640W peak, with a 72V supply
  • Maximum speed  ≈ 100km / h
  • Battery: 72V, 32 Ah battery
  • Range: ≈100km
  • Controller: 72V, 40A
  • Ey4 LCD Bluetooth
  • Wheels 11 inches wide and off-round
  • Slope supported by 70%
  • Maximum load of 150 kg
  • Double front and rear disc brakes and electric
  • Presence of a heat sink (cooler) under the chassis
  • Double front and rear suspension
Product Specifications
Motor Max 6640W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery type 32Ah
Voltage 72 volt
Max mileage (km) 100 (max 75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h) ≈100
Max load (kg) 150
Gradability ≈ 70% (35°)
ABS Braking Available
Brake Dual disk brake + electric brake
Charging time (1.7A-2A) 17hr+ (standard charger)
Charging time (6.5A) 5hr+ (When using quick charger 6.5A)
Folding Handlebar Available
Product material Frame and handle: Aviation aluminium forging alloy (6082 – T6)
Suspension Dual full-suspension forged (rear 5 kinds of rubber cartridge)
Tires 11” Ultra Wide off road Tire (50psi)
Product weight (kg) 46
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH 1260 x 685 x 1300
Folded size (mm) LxWxH 1260 x 685 x 750
Dashboard Ey4 LCD Color Dispay / Bluetooth
Light Dual LED headlights & taillights – Main Headlight – Turn Signals