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* The price does not include shipping and license plate costs

25 km / h (Diploma not required)

Driving license:Not required.

Road taxes: Does not pay.

Environmentally friendly, no emissions.

Operating costs: Economic.

Category: Electric bicycle.

Battery: 48V 22Ah (Lead Acid-Gel)

Main Power Switch: Under the seat.

Household socket charger: Comes with.

Charger operating voltage: 110V / 220V 50-60 Hz.

Motor: Induction electric motor: 215W (Latest generation without coals).

Maximum Power: 1050W.

Maximum speed: 25km / h.

Climbing: 14%.

Autonomy: 76 km on a single charge.

Net Weight: 73 kg.

Recharge time: 6 – 8 Hours.

Dimensions LxWxH: 179 x 63 x 112 cm.

Pedals: included.

Front braking system: Disc brake.

Rear braking system: Drum.

Suspension: Shock absorber front / rear.

Available colors: Black / Red / White / Silver.

Digital instruments: Display with instruments and indicators.

Suspension hook: Hand luggage / Helmet.

USB port: Has.

Glass case: It has.

Electric horn: It has.

Flashlights: Available.

Headlights: 3 stairs.

Grill: It has.

Luggage compartment: Not included.

Passenger Handles: Has.

Posts: Double (central), Sidebar.

Mirrors: Two.

Passenger foot positions: Fixed on the floor.

Storage: Under the seat with safety lock.

Floor: Wide / flat floor.

Front wheel size: 16 Tubeless x 2.5

Rear wheel size: 16 Tubeless x 2.5

Embossed chassis number: It has a unique chassis number S / N engraved on the frame.

Engine number: It has a unique engine number.

Certification: EN 15194: 2017 & EEC