Versus 125 e DAYTONA

Versus 125 e DAYTONA


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Unique high energy efficiency engine
Most electric scooters on the market have small wheels with the engine essentially the rim of the wheel, often leading to strain on the motor from road bumps. The engine of the Versus 125 e is mounted on the rear wheel, but on the left side of the scissor, with a clear advantage over the engines that are also the rim of the vehicle.

In addition, thanks to the drive system, less energy is required when starting the vehicle and as a result less battery damage is caused over time. Versus 125 e batteries reach 1,100 full charge cycles.

Performance & Economy
The electric motor delivers:

3600W maximum instantaneous power
42.5 Nm maximum torque
15% ability to climb from 0 km / h with full load
2.8 kWh / 100 km power consumption (subject to type approval)
Detachable lithium batteries
The Versus 125 e is equipped with 2 72 Volt batteries at 21Ah and weigh 11 kg each. Although there are 2 batteries, their smart layout leaves storage space under the saddle. The Versus 125 e 10A charger can fully charge one 21Ah battery in just 2.5 hours and about 5 hours both. The lack of power in the area where you park is not going to be an issue for you, since the batteries are removable for charging, where this is easy.

The batteries have 6 safe operating systems which ensure their longevity and reliability.

– Overload protection

– Discharge protection

– Overvoltage protection

– Short circuit protection

– Thermal protection

– Balanced consumption system

The Versus 125 e offers high levels of comfort with a flat floor and a spacious double saddle with ample room for rider and passenger. The slightly elevated passenger seat offers better traffic visibility and more comfort when traveling.

The large 16 “front and 14” rear wheels contribute to the stability of the Versus 125 e when driving and absorbing imperfections on the road. In addition to the large wheels, the Versus 125 e is equipped with a telescopic fork front and rear with dual reinforced shock absorbers, adjustable for spring preload.

The Versus 125 e also has a Reverse mode option, where with the help of a button, the reverse is activated and the rider can easily perform on-site maneuvers without having to push the scooter backwards. By activating the reverse function, the “ALARM” lights turn on at the same time to alert the other vehicles on the road.

The standard equipment of the Versus 125 e includes the central and side stand, allowing fast and effortless support of the scooter, LCD screen with analog speedometer, handles with integrated grille for placing a suitcase while at the rear, the lighting is LED technology, at a traffic light and flash.

Versus 125 e provides high levels of braking safety. It has a CBS braking system. Front and rear has large disc brakes with a diameter of 210mm and 190mm respectively, with the front brake equipped with a double piston caliper and high pressure hoses for better feel and response.

* The price does not include shipping and license plate costs

Dimensions – Masses
Length – Width – Height 2005 Mm * 716 Mm * 1205 Mm
Seat Height 775 Mm
Number Of Positions 2
Vehicle Weight (Without Battery) 93 Kg

Electric Motor / Performance
Instant Maximum Power 3600w
Continuous Power 3000w
Maximum Torque 42.5 Nm
Maximum Speed 75 Km / H
Autonomy (According To Driving Conditions) Up To 67 Km (Based On Type Approval)
Electricity Consumption 2.8kwh / 100km
Climbing Capacity (Fully Loaded | From 0 Km / Hr) 15%

Back Movement
Automatic Type
Speed Relations 1/2/3 / R

Removable Battery Yes
Lithium Type
Cell Number 160 * 2
Voltage 72 V
Capacity 42 Ah (21 Ah * 2)
Battery Weight 11 Kg * 2
Charging Time (With Charger 84v 10a) 4.5 H
Fully Charging Cycles 1.100

Wheels / Wheels / Suspensions
Front Wheel 100 / 80-16
Rear Wheel 120 / 80-14
Front Brake Disc 210mm With Diston Calcane
Rear Brake Disc 190 With Cbs
Front Suspension – Track – Diameter Telescopic Fork – 55mm – 33mm
Rear Suspension – Double Double Shock Absorber – 60mm