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Speedway 5 Dual Motor (60V, 23.4Ah)

Speedway 5 Dual Motor (60V, 23.4Ah)


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The Speedway 5 is a fast and efficient dual motor electric scooter ideal for long distances.

  • It has a length of 121.9 cm, a width of 56.4 cm and a height of 118 cm and weighs about 30 kg. A weight justified by its effectiveness.
  • The 800W Dual Hub motors can deliver up to 60 km / h maximum speed and great autonomy that can reach up to 70 km.
  • In addition, depending on the weight of the driver (up to 120 kg), the battery level, the road condition and the outside temperature, this electric skate is capable of climbing roads with a slope of 37%.
  • The Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 23.4 Ah, with a power supply of 59.2V. It takes 6 to 12 hours to recharge with a standard charger.
  • The scooter has a Smart EY3 instrument panel that shows the battery charge level, the time spent, the speed, the selected operating mode and many more functions.
  • Dual LED lights, headlights, headlights and taillights and integrated brake lights ensure your visibility and safety.
  • The Speedway 5 is equipped with integrated rear turn signals as well as a horn that operates above the control on the folding steering wheel.
  • For greater road safety, it has a pneumatic suspension, dual disc brake and front / rear electric brake.


  • Motor: MAX 3600W BLDC HUB MOTOR
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery Capacity: 59.2V 23.4Ah
  • Charging Time (2A): 12hr + / When using the standard charger 2A)
  • Charging Time (2A): 6hr + / When using 2 standard charger chargers (2A)
  • Charging time (2A): 4hr + When using an extra quick charge charger (6.5A, Optional)
  • Maximum Autonomy: 70-75km (max 75kg / 25km / h)
  • Maximum Speed: 60km / h
  • Easy folding in one go
  • Climbing: Approximately 37% depending on driver weight (up to 120 kg), battery level, road condition and outside temperature
  • Maximum Load: 120kg
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Normal size: 1219 x 564 x 1180mm
  • Folding size: 1253 x 250 x 400mm
  • Display: Multifunction Smart EY3 LCD (battery level, TRIP, ODO, Time, speed indicator and mode change). “Braking / electric brake function
  • Light: Dual LED Headlights, Headlights, Rear & Brake
  • DC to DC built-in converter (12V 3A output)
  • Brakes: Disc brake & electric brake front and rear
  • Suspension: 3 and 5 level air
  • Tire: 10inch without tube (45 ~ 50psi)
  • Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum alloy, 6063, 6082, Shaft: SCM440,
  • Covers: Polypropylene

Product characteristics
Motor Max 3,600W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery Type 23.4Ah
Voltage 59.2 volts
Autonomy (km) 70-75 (max 60kg / 25km / h)
Maximum Speed ​​(km / h) 60
Maximum Load (kg) 120
Climbing ≈ 37%
ABS brakes YES
Folding Column Features
Folding Steering Wheel Features
Suspension Air suspension
10 ”Tires Without Tube (10 x 2.7)
Aluminum Alloy Construction Material
Brakes Disc brake + electric brake front & rear
Charging Time (1.7A-2A) 12hr + (standard charger)
Charging Time (3.4A) 6hr + Use of 2 basic chargers (2A)
Charging Time (6.5A) 4hr + Use of fast charging (6.5A, optional)
Product Weight (kg) 30
Normal size (mm) MxWxW 1219 x 564 x 1180
Folding size (mm) LxWxH 1253 x 250 x 400
Dashboard Smart EY3 LCD Display
Dual LED Lights Headlights, Headlights, Rear & Brake Lights