e-Viball 125 Business Bike DAYTONA

e-Viball 125 Business Bike DAYTONA


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* The price does not include transport and license plate costs

125cc category – DIPLOMA A1

A) With 2 Batteries / AUTONOMY 108 km

B) With 2+1 Batteries / RANGE 162 km

LED Projector vertical headlights and perimeter LED DRL lights
Unique design LED rear light and LED flash
Color Versatile LCD Instrument Panel / Speedometer Dual battery level indicator Partial / Total Kilometer Indication of selected operating mode Watch Ambient temperature display
keyless control system and alarm / The control of the main switch does not require the use of a key. The alarm system is switched on and off by the remote control.
High practicality / The E-Viball offers two storage compartments inside the apron, one open and one closed with a USB charging port. At the same time there is a hand luggage hook and a large flat floor that increases functionality.
High performance / The engine is located low in the center for optimal weight distribution, with a maximum instantaneous power of 3.2KW transmitted to the rear wheel with a CONTINENTAL toothed belt.
Detachable Lithium Batteries / Two 61.2 Volt batteries at 28.6Ah weighing 12 kg each. The smart arrangement of the batteries leaves enough storage space under the saddle. The e-Viball charger will fully charge one battery in just 4 hours.
Large front and rear disc brakes with a diameter of 220mm and 200mm respectively, with two-piston calipers and CBS braking system.
Aluminum scissors and double shock absorbers adjustable for preload

Plenty of loading areas

Ideal for transporting goods. With a functional design and great loading capacity, the e-ViBall 125 Business Bike is offered for easy and comfortable transport of large items.

The load can be easily stabilized and transported safely thanks to the large professional loading rack
Flat floor
Extra easy to use open storage space for small things
Luggage hook

Features that make it stand out

Intelligent Center Control
Full Led Lighting
Keyless Boot System
Cruise control system
Final transmission with CONTINENTAL toothed belt
Fully Digital Dial
Vehicle Parking Detection
Alarm system. It is activated by vibrations and by violating the main switch
Wheels 14 ″
Aluminum scissors

Mobile Application
The e-Viball 125 management application offers the user the ability to connect with the following functions:

Remote battery status check
Travel history (average speed, distance, travel time)
Finding a vehicle
Vehicle diagnostic test
Personalization (alarm tones, color counter, power recovery level adjustment)
Electronic fence, where a notification is received on the mobile phone when the vehicle enters or leaves a specific geographical limit set by the user.
Ability to upgrade vehicle software (Battery management software, electronic controller, engine)
Vehicle fleet management

Unique high energy efficiency engine
+ Energy recovery system
The engine of the e-Viball 125 is located in the center of the chassis for excellent weight distribution, with a clear advantage over models where the engine is mounted parallel or inside the wheel.

It has better weight distribution
There is no strain on the motor from road irregularities
Less power is required at start-up, resulting in less battery damage over time. The battery life of the e-Viball 125 exceeds 1,000 full charge cycles

Performance & Economy
The electric motor delivers:

3200W maximum instantaneous power
44 Nm maximum torque on the wheel
75 km / h maximum speed
23% ability to climb from 0 km / h with full load

Detachable lithium batteries

The e-Viball 125 is equipped with 61.2 Volt batteries at 28.6Ah and weigh 12 kg each. The smart arrangement of the batteries leaves enough storage space under the saddle. The e-Viball charger will fully charge one battery in just 4 hours. Lack of power in the area where you park is not an issue, as the batteries are removable for charging, where this is easy.

The e-Viball provides high levels of safety when braking, with large front and rear disc brakes with a diameter of 220mm and 200mm respectively, with two-piston calipers and a CBS braking system.

The suspensions consist of a telescopic fork with a travel of 90mm and a diameter of 31mm and a rear double travel of 71mm adjustable in terms of preload.

Useful note:

Because dispensers are “tools” of hard work, they must be suitable for the purpose of use and in accordance with European standards.

The e-Viball 125 has factory loading areas and does not require any modifications that may incur liability of the company during its use.

Dimensions – Masses
Length – Width – Height 1841 Mm * 684 Mm * 1133 Mm
Wheel Wheel 1260 Mm
Vehicle Weight (Without Battery) 96 Kg
Number Of Seats 1

Electric Motor / Performance
Instant Maximum Power 3200w
Continuous Power 3000w
Maximum Torque 44 Nm (On The Wheel)
Maximum Speed 75 Km / H
Autonomy (According To Driving Conditions) With 2 Batteries 108 Km
With 2 + 1 Batteries 162 Km
Power Consumption 4.1 Kwh / 100km
Climbing Capacity (Fully Loaded | From 0 Km / Hr) 23%

Move Back
Automatic Type
Final Transmission Of Continental Teeth Belt
Removable Battery Yes


Lithium Type
Voltage 61.2 V
Capacity 28.6 Ah / Battery
Battery Weight 12 Kg / Battery
Fully Charging Cycles 1,000+
Charging Time 4 H / Battery

Wheels / Wheels / Suspensions
Front Wheel 80 / 90-14
Rear Wheel 90 / 90-14
Front Brake Disc 220mm
Rear Brake Disc 200 With Cbs
Front Suspension – Track – Diameter Telescopic Fork – 90mm – 31mm
Rear Suspension – Track Double Shock Absorber – 71mm