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SKU: CS035

60V 1000W HUB Brushless Motor (limited to 25km/h) with a Yuma rider

Lithium NCM 60V battery (20Ah, 29Ah, 30Ah). The latest technology NCM batteries consist of lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese

Accepts up to 2 removable lithium batteries or

Luminaires: Full Led

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Regenerative Brakes: Recharges by braking. They recover energy during braking.

Security: 100dB alarm & electronic lock with remote control, steering wheel lock.

Speed: 25km/h (restricted basis of unlicensed driving legislation)

Range: 50-150km with 1 battery charge.

Energy efficiency, battery life and range values listed may vary depending on road conditions, rider weight and terrain. The performance of 150 km is achieved with 2 batteries of 30 Ah, with a rider of 75 kg, on a flat course at a speed of 25 km/h.

Ascent: 23% with 75kg rider

1000 charging cycles (50,000km-75,000km)

3.5A charger included (optional 5A, 10A or 20A charger available)

Full charge in 5.7 hours (on a 20Ah battery)

Suspensions: Conventional hydraulic front fork and dual hydraulic shock absorbers rear

3.5 – 10″ Tubeless tires

Mirrors included.

Dimensions M.P.Y.: 188 x 65 x 112cm

Weight: 70kg (+9kg for each battery)

Package size 176 x 57 x 116 cm (ships assembled)

Driving modes Eco, Spor, Reverse.

Warranty: 18 months including batteries.

EEC-L1C certification


BIG BOX 44lt with base: Trunk for 2 helmets with detachable base, lock and red reflector

SMALL BOX with base: Trunk for 1 helmet with detachable base and lock

Extra bracket: Detachable suitcase base for 2nd scooter

KENDA: Kenda tires (pair) for E-RV scooters.

Mobile Bracket: Rotatable mobile phone mount for mounting on the base of the mirror

Sound Simulator: Motorcycle sound simulation system with throttle and on/off

Bluetooth Speaker: Bluetooth speaker

ER-20AH: CATL battery with display and BMS 60V/20AH

ER-30AH: CATL battery with monitor and BMS 60V/30AH

SA-29AH: SAMSUNG battery with display and BMS 60V/29AH