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Category 125cc – DIPLOMA A1

The ERide E-R Max is the new model of electric scooter with GT design and comfort and state-of-the-art technology, for the most demanding riders. It has a GT design character and features that make it one of the most premium models of electric motorcycles. The GT design philosophy is obvious and the sporty features are not hidden. The large saddle predisposes comfortable use by both one and two passengers, while the rider will have at his disposal 2 lockers in the apron for increased usability. Its electric motor has a maximum power of 12kW or 16.3 hp (nominal power 6 kW / 8.1 hp), with its final speed reaching 120 km / h and the ability to climb to reach 35% of inclination. The range is expected to reach 100 km, while the charging time is announced at 3.5 hours, via a 20A fast charger. The display of the indications will be done through two screens, while the equipment will also offer tinted jelly. The 13-inch wheels are in line with GT class data and, combined with solid construction, aluminum scissor suspension and dual shock absorbers, the telescopic fork at the front and the CBS-combined braking system, are expected to offer high-quality driving. behavior.

YUMA Brushless HUB 6000W motor

Maximum power 12kW or 16.3 hp (rated power 6 kW / 8.1 hp)

Lithium NCM battery 72V / 40Ah, 60Ah, 80Ah, 105Ah, 125Ah. The latest NCM technology batteries are made of lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese

Accepts 1 40Ah lithium removable battery or 1 60Ah, 80Ah, 105Ah, 125Ah non-removable battery

Acceleration 8.5 seconds 0-100km / h

Speed ​​max.120km

Autonomy 100km – max.200km with 60Ah battery and above

Ascent: 35%

Lighting fixtures: Full Led

Suspensions: Suspension with aluminum scissors and double shock absorbers, telescopic fork front

Braking system with CBS-combined brakes

20A quick charger included

It has a built-in 5m charging cable with socket (on models with fixed battery)

Fast charge in 3.5 hours

Tires 130 / 70-13 “Tubeless

Mirrors are included

2 digital LCD displays with digital speedometer, speed display, mileage display and charging status

Large, comfortable seat for 2 people with storage space for up to 2 helmets

2 cupboards in the apron

M.PY dimensions: 2150 x 785 x 1325mm

Wheelbase 1560mm

Weight: 160kg (185kg with battery)

Maximum load 279kg for up to two passengers

Warranty: 18 months including the battery.

Available colors: Matte Blue, Matte Black

EEC certification