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DUALTRON Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8Ah)

DUALTRON Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8Ah)


In stock

In stock


Introducing the upgraded version of the new Futecher Gun, the Futecher Gun Pro. It has a more powerful motor than the basic version (Peak 1760W, Nominal 800W) as well as a larger battery, 52V, 20.8Ah.

  • On the brakes, the Futecher has front and rear drum brakes.
  • The Futecher Gun Pro also features LEDs on the pillar and deck, making you visible at night.
  • In addition, the front and rear wings are made of aluminum and therefore much more durable.
  • There is also a small handle on the back of the scooter that will allow you to carry it more easily, but also to use it as a footrest while riding.
  • The Speedway Futecher Gun is equipped with a 52V, 20.8Ah battery and an 800W motor that can reach a maximum power of 1760W. The battery of the Futecher Gun Pro is able to offer an impressive range of up to 75 km with a single charge!


  • Model Type: Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8 AH)
  • Motor: MAX 1760W, Continuous motor 800W BLDC HUB
  • Battery: 52V, 20.8 Ah, 1081 Wh
  • Controller: 52V, 30A
  • Charging time: 11 hours with standard charger / 3 hours with fast charger.
  • Autonomy: Up to 75 km (Range may vary depending on driver weight, driving behavior, temperature and road conditions)
  • Maximum speed: Up to 50 km / h on a private road (limited to 25 km / h)
  • Climbing: About 51% depending on the rider’s weight and charging condition
  • Tires: solid 8-inch rear & tire with 8-inch front tube
  • Brake: Front and rear brakes with drum. Electric brake + ABS
  • Suspension system: Front and rear suspension
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 20.8 kg
  • Normal size: 1040 x 545 x 1160 mm
  • Folding size (length, width, height): 1040 x 193 x 340 mm
  • Product material: Aluminum alloy frame

Product characteristics
Motor BLDC HUB motor 800W Nominal – 1760W max
Battery Type 20.8Ah / 1081Wh
Autonomy (km) 75km (75kg / 25km / h)
Maximum Speed (km / h) Limited to 25km / h (50km / h on private road)
Maximum Load (kg) 120
Climbing 51% (27 °)
ABS brakes Features
Folding Column Features
Folding Steering Wheel Features
Brakes Front and Rear brake with drum, electric brake + ABS
Product Weight (kg) 20.8
Normal size (mm) MxΠxΥ 1040x545x1160
Folding size (mm) LxWxH 1040x193x340
Dashboard Smart EyE Control

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