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  • DIVA 125e LX
  • DIVA 125e

Timeless, Attractive, Electric!
The electric Diva of the city

  • Full LED
    Modern LED technology luminaires stand out aesthetically from the DRL boomerang-shaped lights on the front apron and the headlight rim.
  • Detachable battery
    Under the saddle of the DIVA125e is the smartly removable 72V-40Ah battery.
    A large JET helmet can be accommodated in the large storage area.
  • Engine that stands out
    In most electric scooters on the market, the engine is essentially the rim of the wheel, often leading to strain on the motor from road irregularities. The DIVA125e engine is mounted on the rear wheel, but on the left side of the scissor, with a clear advantage over the engines that are also the rim of the vehicle.  The electric motor has ECO / SPORT driving functions. Delivers 3000W maximum instantaneous power with 27% climbing capability.
  • Aluminum grill
    DIVA has a built-in aluminum grille.
    The LX version comes with a windshield and a solid color suitcase with a passenger back.
  • Safety when braking
    Both discs and the combined braking system (CBS) provide a greater sense of security.
  • High Aesthetic Table of Instruments
    The TFT LED displays include the battery charge level, the selected speed program D (ECO) / S (SPORT) / R (REVERSE), the instantaneous consumption and the total / partial odometer.
  • Aluminum scissors – Adjustable shock absorbers
    The aluminum scissors offer robustness and at the same time keep the overall weight at a low level.  The two rear shock absorbers perfectly absorb any irregularities of the road, while they are adjusted to five positions in terms of preloading their springs.
  • Charging with closed saddle
    The Diva 125e is designed so that it can charge its battery with the saddle closed, thus keeping the storage space under the saddle with the rider’s belongings safe. Charging is done through the 84V18Ah charger and it takes 2.5-3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Dimensions – Masses
Length – Width – Height 1850mm * 660mm * 1120mm
Wheelbase 1280mm
Vehicle Weight (Without Battery) 75kg

Electric motor / Performance
Instantaneous Maximum Power 3000w
Continuous Power 2000w
Maximum Torque 35 Nm
Maximum Speed ​​80 Km/H
Autonomy (Depending on Driving Conditions) Up to 60km (Based on Type Approval)
Power consumption 4.2 Kwh/ 100km
Climb Capacity (Fully Loaded | From 0 Km/Hr) 27%

Move Back
Type Automatic
Modes D (Eco) / S (Sport) / R (Reverse)

Detachable Battery Yes
Lithium type
Voltage – Capacity 72v – 40ah
Charging Time 2.5 – 3 H
Battery Weight 22 Kg
1000 Full Charge Cycles

Wheels / Rims / Suspensions
Aluminum Rim Type
Wheels Dimensions 3.50-10 51j
Front Brake Disc 180mm Three-piston Caliper
Rear Brake Disc 190mm Two-piston Caliper + Cbs
Front Suspension – Telescopic Fork Diameter – 31mm
Rear Suspension – Dual Shock Absorber Travel – 70mm