Condroller Ninebot F30/D28

Condroller Ninebot F30/D28


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In stock

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It was programmed and provided by Ninebot with the original Ninebot F30 software.

You do not need to modify the software to install.

Its installation is not recommended on models:
-F25/F20/D18: the motors of these models are 250W, and the programmed power of this controller is larger than them. This will cause noise and poor phase synchronization when the motor rotates.
-F40/D38: The software programmed power of the controller is lower and will reduce the power of the scooter.


-Nominal voltage: 36V

– Nominal power: 300W

– ECO mode speed: 15 km/h

– Speed mode D: 25 km/h

-S speed mode: 25 km/h (more power than D mode)

Any software modification voids the warranty.